The Ways We Support Our Community Non-Profits

by Apr 8, 2021Marketing

You might think that marketing and website-development companies focus mainly on for-profit businesses. You might ask, “With all that business, where would they even find time to work with community non-profits?”

We will tell a different story here. It’s about one marketing and web services company that supports community non-profits such as green initiatives and community food banks.

Do you want to learn more about community-minded businesses like ours and how we support community non-profits? If so, keep reading.

Ways We Support Community Non-Profits

One thing we do is tell their stories. Non-profits often are founded by individuals with a mission to fulfill. Often, this sense of purpose stems from a past event or set of life circumstances.

Their stories continue as we document their actions and the causes they serve. In this way, more people learn about them and have the opportunity and incentive to help if they’re able.

We make sure the founding and continuation story is interwoven with other site content.

How We Do Our Work

One of the primary ways we support community non-profits is very simple. As with any other business, we build and host their websites. That includes:

  • A layout that’s easy to read
  • An appealing design that reflects the mission
  • Top-quality images
  • The organization’s logo placed discretely throughout the site
  • A search box and “donate” button — both featured prominently
  • Sections directed toward current or prospective members and donors
  • An About Us page (of course)
  • A News of Blog section to keep the site current and engaging, especially if it has a local angle

A non-profit is a type of business, so, naturally, its site resembles typical for-profit enterprises. The main difference is that its plea is for donations, not buying. And it stresses its needs more than goods or services.

How to Support Community Non-Profits Where You Live

Start by finding out what non-profits are locally or regionally based where you live. For example, some local charities raise funds to support college scholarships for low-income or minority students in the community.

Other examples include pet rescues that re-home pets found wandering local streets or suffering abuse by their owners. And local United Way chapters and other branches of national non-profits help build their communities.

The best way of supporting community non-profits might be using their websites. That way, you’ll learn how you can help their cause — whether through membership, donations, or volunteering.

It’s the Local People That Make a Community

Do you or your business want to support non-profits in your community? Then consider the skills and background you have to share, plus whatever financial contribution you might be able to make.

It shouldn’t surprise you that community non-profits need the same services as other businesses to serve their clients and causes. Whether it’s web services or English-language tutoring, or something else, you can help!

Should you need our web hosting, website creation, and any of our other services for your business or non-profit, let us know. At Weekend Web Solutions, we’re always ready to help our clients and community.

Ian Montgomery

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